Build Apache Spark on Windows with Cygwin

Pull down the source.

git clone git://

The build fails to generate this file:-


A working solution is to manually generate it and take it out of the build.

Convert the following script to UNIX line endings.


Then run it with the parameters from the pom.

spark-build-info /cygdrive/c/work/spark/core/target/extra-resources 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Use dos2unix or Notepad++, any facility that can do it.

Run the maven-antrun-plugin command in the pom manually.

Comment out that plugin.

<!– run manually








Execute the shell script to generate the spark build information.


<exec executable=”C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe C:/work/spark/build/spark-build-info”>

<arg value=”/cygdrive/c/work/spark/core/target/extra-resources”/>

<arg value=”${pom.version}”/>












Build while skipping tests.

mvn install -U -DskipTests=true